Should I hire a Wedding Planner?

Most couples are working professionals and are simply too busy to plan a wedding. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful when you do not have the time that is needed to put into it. Your wedding is such an important – and expensive – event in your life: it makes sense to hire a professional to assist you during the process. We have great relationships, and work with only the best wedding professionals, so you can rest assured that every member of your vendor team will be giving 100% to make your wedding fantastic.  And best of all – having a Wedding Planner means that you (AND your friends and family) can relax and enjoy all of the amazing experiences and emotions that come on your wedding day without being stressed. There are a million other reasons, but chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know why you need a Wedding Planner!

What makes A Beautiful Theme special?

A Beautiful Theme is your all inclusive studio offering Planning, Florals and Design services all in one place. There is no other company that offers all of these with such high quality service.

We specialize in creating events that are reflective of your love story, style and vision but with over the top service! All of our weddings are tailored towards the couple, their design vision and most importantly their love for each other.


I am already working with a Venue Coordinator/ Catering Manager at my venue, and they are very helpful. Why do I need your help?

Typically, Catering Managers or Venue Coordinators at hotels or other venues have the job of overseeing the wedding details that are directly related to the venue (and sometimes just the food and beverage). A lot of times the venue coordinator is not there for the duration of the event &/or they have other events they are overseeing on property during the same time It is not in their job description to confirm your vendors, run your rehearsal, oversee the vendors on your wedding day, cue you down the aisle at your ceremony, and make sure all of the day’s events are running according to schedule. 

Wedding planners work only for you to make every aspect run smoothly. We will develop a relationship over the several months working together and we will communicate and greet all your vendors, send out a timeline prior, make sure you are having a great time celebrating and to ensure that your vision has become a reality.

Can I still hire a Planner and be involved?

Absolutely!! Our best weddings are designed with the bride and groom’s vision, style and personality in mind. This is YOUR wedding and having your input is absolutely critical to the overall outcome. In fact, we want you to get excited about planning your special day; it is solely up to you what you want our level of involvement to be. Our role is to execute the vision you have for your wedding and provide insight and feedback along the way to make the process smooth.

What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and an Event Designer/Stylist?

Good Question! We are now in a world where weddings are a direct reflection of YOU and that means they are very personalized. Design and Decor are becoming a huge part of weddings and having an Event Designer is what helps bring the overall look together.

Wedding Planner- focuses on the logistics and flow of an event, including timelines, budget management, vendor selections, contract negotiations and all the important details to help your day go off with out a hitch.

Event Designer/Stylist- responsible for creating the overall atmosphere and ambiance of an event. This includes everything from linens, lighting, signage, decor accessories, and of course Florals!

The Event Designer takes care of the “look and theme” of your wedding, rather than the planning logistics.  Event designers are the creative genius behind the décor at a beautiful event.  They set up then tear down and are generally not present throughout your wedding’s events.  At A Beautiful Theme, we love to help with event design and also collaborate with other local event designers to create your dream ambiance.  If you’re a DIY’er, you can consult with an event designer for inspiration, ideas & how-to’s.  If you aren’t, an event designer is a must-have for a beautiful event, large or small.

Help! I don’t see exactly what I am looking for in one of your Packages?

No worries!  We are here to help.  Once we are in touch with you, we will send you a detailed questionnaire in order to learn more about your upcoming wedding.  Then, we are happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation.  After learning more about your special day, we will determine if a certain package is a good fit, or we will customize something to meet your specific needs.

How do you determine your fees?

For our Full Planning + Design clients, we start at a base planning and design fee and then tailor it based on your exact needs. Our Floral Packages are all custom so please contact us for more information! I know sometimes you want a direct answer but there is no way to tell a price if we don’t know the logistics and exactly what you are looking for.  If you are shopping for a Wedding Planner or Florist on the basis of price alone, we are probably not a good fit for you. Our fees are reflective of our experience in the industry as well as the quality of experience that we provide for our couples. We offer an extraordinary Planning, Floral & Design experience. When couples decide to hire A Beautiful Theme for their wedding, they know that they are investing in peace of mind, and an unforgettable experience. 

Where do you plan weddings?

We plan weddings in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico and surrounding areas.  We work with vendors in each territory full time who are very active in the wedding industry. We are always excited to travel worldwide to plan an event, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

Why should we hire you?

We focus on more than just your wedding day- we want the entire process of planning your wedding to the overall design to be an amazing experience for you and your fiancé. 

We are passionate, honest and care deeply about the ethics in our industry. We are hopeless romantics, fun, over the top, energetic, friendly, and professional. We are also dedicated to our industry and education – we attend trainings, conferences, seminars, and workshops to hone our skills. We take our responsibility of creating an experience that you will remember forever. We believe in Quality not Quantity! 

Ready To Secure your Date? Or still have some Questions?